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Agency Services

We use digital content to attract, convert, close and delight our client’s customers in a way that engages them throughout the customer journey and buying cycle.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our company takes the time to research our clients goals, we use audits, competitor analysis, brand analysis, buyer personas, we dive into the demographics, psychographics, and much more. We focus on the keywords that your buyer personas are searching for. Let our trained and certified professionals help you create your online masterpiece, increase traffic, and bring in more new clients than ever before through our online analytic capabilities. As a Google Partner we have many options to help expose your image online. Even better, we have the talent to measure, track, record, and reposition our strategies in a quickly changing algorithm against your competitors.

Digital Marketing

In a world dominated by the internet, methods of advertising like billboards, radio, and commercials have taken the backseat to inbound marketing.
Our tactics include workflow optimization, tracking, analytics, reporting, SEO, social media, email marketing, segmentation, and a dozen other activities that squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of your marketing automation system.
At Meli Marketing, we provide a different way to market. Our promise to you is that we will craft engaging and converting content. We will distribute that content to produce optimal leads. We will manage all lead and prospect nurturing. And finally, but most importantly, we will help you generate more revenues while costing you less money. Ultimately, you decide what marketing practices are going to work for your business.

Google My Business Free Optimization

How can Google Maps help your business increase your traffic?

If you’re business information is not on the front page – you are losing potential business to your competitors! & We can help make your listing “stand out” from the rest.
Are you a local business with a brick and mortar location? Perhaps your business delivers some kind of mobile service to a local area…
At Meli Marketing, we understand that not everyone has the marketing budget to run a full scale online marketing plan. Google Places is a solution for all local businesses to achieve great results, a high ROI and all at a very affordable price.

Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

Organic Traffic

MeliMarketing drives organic traffic to our client’s websites to gain leads at the top of the marketing funnel. We do this through blogging, onsite optimization, SEO audits, and occasionally PR or third party blogging. When prospects enter this stage of the funnel our goal is to increase awareness, educate and inform prospects, and to stay at the top of the mind for potential clients.

Onsite Optimization

We focus on creating content that gives useful and engaging information to your buyers that is organic and consistent across multiple platforms.


Indexability refers to the search engine’s ability to crawl and categorize your site’s individual pages. Our strategy will ensure that the search engines will correctly categorize your website and list your business in their search results.

Inbound Links

Acquiring inbound links from trusted and authoritative websites is one of the most important factors of SEO. We understand how Google values these links, before acquiring them, to ensure they improve the authority and trust of your website.

Keyword Research

The first step that we will take when doing keyword research is to focus on the keywords that your buyer personas are searching for.

Content Management


In order to ensure the best results in terms of conversion rates, click rates, and cost per lead, we recommend targeting specific pain points and value propositions that your target audience experiences. The content that is produced will address these pain points and explain to the target audience how to overcome them. The content will not be overly branded or have too much of a sales focus. Instead, it will instill in the target customer your expertise and explain your value proposition.

Content Calendar

Once your strategy is done, it’s time to create a content calendar to share with you that outlines when each item in your strategy will be completed. This will be a working document that you can continually update to track progress. We will set deadlines and goals, with clients to ensure these items are done on the deadlines set.

Blog Management

A blog is one of your most essential content marketing tools. Posting regularly establishes your business as a thought leader in the industry. It also helps you to be found more readily by search engines. We also leverage social promotion to drive your target audience to your site.

Content Creation

One of the most important pieces of inbound marketing is creating quality content catered towards what your buyer persona is searching for. We ensure your content is optimized and deployed properly in order to accelerate your keywords to the top of search result pages.
• Blogs/ Articles
• Infographics
• Case Studies
• eBooks/ Handbooks
• Mini Graphics
• Branded Posts / Videos

Infographics & Mini-graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a picture with words is worth a whole lot more words than just the picture. They’re engaging, spur curiosity, and are shared across social networks. These are amazing tools for receiving links as well as creating direct traffic to sites. Infographics are a great way to get traffic to your site. They are shared extensively on social media, get picked up by media sites, and are a great way to gain links from other sites. In addition to this, sales teams can leverage them through emails and tradeshows. We handle all aspects of design and research for the infographics and slide decks.

Ppc Management

• Improve quality scores – Higher quality scores result in better costs per click and ad visibility.

• Optimize keywords – Ensure you’re using the proper broad, phrase, or exact match keywords and that you have the right negative keywords targeted.

• Day Part Bidding – only show your ads when your customers are searching.

• Competitor Keywords – Show up for your competitors searches.

• Remarketing/Retargeting – Ensure your customers see your brand for at least 6 months after visiting your site.

• Ad Copy Optimization – Our experts craft the perfect ad that will cause your customers to convert.

• IP Exclusions – Stop your competitors from clicking on your ads and using up all of your budget!

• And Much More!

User Experience

A major factor when it comes to the way the search engines rank a website is its user experience. To ensure that your customers have the best experience while on your website, we will focus on the following areas:

• Page Speed and Load Times

• Bounce Rate Optimization

• Internal Link Structure

• Onsite Broken Links

• Mobile and Tablet Optimization

Conversion Pages

Capture Forms

By offering content that helps our target audience’s pain points, we will have the opportunity to capture their information in exchange for downloading the content. Through landing pages and lead capture forms, we will capture:

• Name

• Email

• Company

• Phone Number

A/B Testing

As we work to improve the campaign and optimize the ROI for our clients, we create MANY new landing pages with different buttons, different titles, completely new layouts, and a great number of different qualities. We do this to elicit the right interaction that produces the best result. This is an ongoing process, as you can always squeeze a few percentage points out of an A/B test. Because of this, putting an exact number on the number of landing pages we create is difficult; sometimes a new landing page just has a new image, while other times it’s a complete teardown and rebuild. The gist of the matter is this: we do whatever is necessary to generate conversions.


Remarketing is specifically targeting customers who have shown an interest in your company at one point or another. This interest could have been shown through email, a website visit, or a social media visit. Regardless of how they found you, we can retarget them and ensure that they hear your message over and over again. This will be a critical part of moving customers from the top and middle of the funnel down to the bottom of the funnel. We ensure that you have a strong remarketing message on Instagram, Facebook, and Google AdWords.

The following tasks/strategies will be performed on your campaign to ensure that your products and services stay top of mind while the customer is going through their customer journey:

• Create highly relevant keywords, ads, and landing pages.

• Optimize ad copy to maximize clicks.

• Recognize keyword match types and when to use them.

• Calculate essential metrics for measuring success.

• Website Visitors.

E-mail Marketing

Nurturing Campaigns

After the leads have downloaded or viewed the content and shared with us their information, we will then nurture them with drip email campaigns. These emails will encourage them to download or view more information about your business and its value proposition. Thus, a contact who downloaded an infographic will then be invited to attend a webinar, download a guide or receive a free audit. We will also utilize AdWords and Facebook retargeting to help keep the message persistent in front of the target audience for a period of 180 days after the first point of contact. The goal of the nurture campaign is to capture a full lead profile for the sales team and give insights to the sales team as to which value propositions are most important to the contact.


We peg our lead nurturing campaigns (top of funnel moving towards purchase decision) at 12 to 20 touches. The more automated the process, the more email touches. With that in mind, we always create the main nurturing campaign for our clients, as well as a nurture campaign for their house list of emails that never converted (a re-kindle campaign if you will). In addition to that, most clients ask for a “Post sales nurture”, “A follow up down the road” nurture, and a few other special situation ones. We’re happy creating all of those for our clients. Now, there have been situations where our clients have asked for 20 to 30 nurture campaigns. In those situations, the sheer load of the content requires us to manipulate the content calendar to accommodate them. In those situations, there aren’t any additional costs to the client, but rather the calendar just gets delayed a little bit in order to accept the work load.

Measuring A Campaign’s Impact

Measuring and communicating our client’s success is vital to customer satisfaction and an integral part of the value that MeliMarketing Marketing provides. Although our focus is to track sales driven actions, such as leads, downloads, and conversions, we track a multitude of metrics to ensure that these goals are reached in a timely and effective manner. These can include social media engagements, remarketing statistics and reach, demand generation, and website key performance indicators.

Robust Tracking

Unlike other digital marketing firms, we start at the end and work our day backwards. This means that we’ll never talk to our clients about nebulous statistics that don’t tell the whole story. Instead, we set goals that involve sales numbers, cost per lead, and cost per acquisition, which are better indicators of a campaign’s success.

Targeted Traffic:

Traffic for traffic’s sake is something we don’t target here at Meli Marketing. Instead, we want to target your buying audience and ensure that we’re driving your message directly to them and causing them to come to your site and converting.

Social Engagement:

MeliMarketing is first and foremost an engagement agency. We look for our content and our materials to cause your audience to engage with you socially. When engagement is achieved, trust is built and trust is an essential piece of any relationship.

Full-Funnel Tracking:

We model your customer’s journey and then identify the gaps and barriers that are causing drops in traffic or conversion. By utilizing data analysis, we ensure that every step of the sales process is as optimized as possible.

Weekly Reporting:

Based on your campaign’s budget, we will provide you with either a weekly call with your account manager and monthly reporting, or for smaller budgets, you will receive a comprehensive monthly report that covers every detail of the campaign at a granular level.